Main technical performance:
1. Marking range: 160mm × 100mm
2. Product model: LYD-1508HG
3. Marking speed: 1-6 characters / second,
4. Marking depth: 0.1-2mm, depending on the hardness of the material;
5. Marking position: plane of workpiece (two-dimensional, three-dimensional)
6. Marking content: English, numbers, punctuation, Chinese, graphics, two-dimensional code, barcode, etc .;
7. Marking function: It can automatically print the production serial number (the number that increases regularly); VIN code, production date, etc.
8. Control method: human-machine dialogue;
9. Material hardness requirements: HRC≤75:
10. Machine weight: 50kg.
11. Machine size: 32mm*40mm*67mm,
12. Z-axis height: 350mm