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consumable parts of pneumatic marking machine


From the technical and after-sales experience, the following consumables or accessories are generally available:

1, the needle. This is the most basic consumable for pneumatic marking machines. Because it is used every day, the wear between the needles must be increased and the life is shortened. All manufacturers of needles are distinguished by diameter, generally divided into Φ3, Φ4 and Φ5. The material is basically hard alloy, and the high hardness is diamond. However, because of its high hardness and high brittleness, diamond has the shortest life and is a wearing part.

The needle is generally found by the Pneumatic Marking Machine manufacturer, the price is moderate, and the quality is guaranteed.

2. Solenoid valve. Generally, the regular manufacturers use the MAC solenoid valves imported from the United States, and a few manufacturers choose the popular MAC solenoid valves on the Internet. Although the price is much cheaper, the appearance is very similar (the writing is fuzzy, the cable quality is very poor, the color is not the same) It is easy to detect that it is counterfeit, but the performance is very different, the pressure is required to be adjusted to a large extent, and the needle is unstable, the characters are not beautiful, and the most important is the short life. Other manufacturers use domestic solenoid valves, although they can be used, but the depth of typing is obviously insufficient, the needle is weak, and the life is shorter. The regular American MAC solenoid valve has a clear surface, the color is not blurred, the cable is hard and not easy to break, and the service life is generally 1-2 years, or even longer - as long as the customer uses it properly, always pay attention to the filtration of the intake air. Wait for maintenance.

Solenoid valve is recommended to buy imported, it is best to find a pneumatic Marking Machine manufacturers to buy, or inquire about domestic agent procurement.

3, pneumatic two-piece, also known as pneumatic filter valve. This is generally not easy to break. Most of the time, the customer does not pay attention to the adjustment of the air pressure during use, causing the pressure of the intake air to be too large, and the display table of the air pressure regulating valve is broken. In addition, there is no regular discharge of filtered dirt, resulting in air leakage below.

Pneumatic two-pieces can be purchased in the local electromechanical "target=_blank> electromechanical market, and the general city should be available.

4, the motor. The motor is generally made in China, so when it is used improperly or continuously, it may cause the motor to burn out, or it may only turn forward and not turn over. Sometimes the motor may be broken.

There are many motor manufacturers made in China, which can be found online, or can be purchased by manufacturers of pneumatic marking machines to facilitate wiring definition.

5, the drive. Regular manufacturers generally choose the best domestic production driver manufacturers: Shenzhen Lei Sai. The company's driver is very stable, compared to many other domestic drive manufacturers, it is not easy to burn out, the ventilation fan is very good, and the after-sales service quality is good and fast. Other domestic drives are slightly cheaper.

The driver is recommended to buy Shenzhen Leisai, you can find the company to buy, you can also find the pneumatic marking machine manufacturer to buy, convenient to tell the current, subdivision and other technical parameters.

6, transformer or switching power supply. This is generally caused by improper use, and most of the external power supply is not burned. Can be directly purchased from the electromechanical " target=_blank> electromechanical market.

7, rails, sliders or linear bearings. Generally, the operation is improper, or the maintenance is not enough, only the mechanical part is not running smoothly. As a result, the guide rail, the slider or the linear bearing are seriously worn, and the direct replacement can be performed. The general city's electromechanical "target=_blank> electromechanical market is available for purchase.

8, the motherboard. This is the core component of the pneumatic marking machine, the brain that runs the control. Generally not to be damaged. However, some people use the improper use, or high level, high temperature, high voltage and other components cause burnout.

The motherboard can only be purchased from the manufacturer of the pneumatic marking machine.

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